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Men Bottoms

Men Bottoms

   1. Revival Blues

‘Revival Blues’ signifies the rebirth of ocean blue. This collection consolidates the notion of originality. It entwines the strength of the ocean with the durability of denim. It merges the calm of the ocean with the pacific color of blue. ‘Revival Blues’ brings in a distinct identity with deep navy indigo colors of knits and twills.


 2. Cocktail Blues

Vintage blue can never get old because of its eternal nature. It can never go out of fashion, regardless of time or age. It has been fossilized as a people’s choice and has followed the tradition of being a favorite, generation after generation. Cocktail Blues collection strips out from a vibrant palette of IBST colors.

3. Innova Blues

Innova Blues is all about introducing innovative fabrics and making fashion phenomenal again. This collection is constructed with innovative yarns like spun poly, poly viscose, CMM800 melanges, Cool tex and dura core. Innova Blues is not something ‘new’ but the ‘original new’. It has the originality of denim that is enhanced by innovative yarns.


  4. Breezy Blues

Summer wear has to be cool, right? Our Breezy Blues collection is as cool as fabrics can get, or maybe cooler than we expect. This range is not just pleasing as an attire, but also appealing and soothing to the eye. Cool colors and eloquent fabrics give you the chill that you crave for, every summer. Get ready to be mesmerized, in the coolest way possible!

5. Galaxies

The Galaxies collection is an irony to our eyes. Denim is associated with a color, and this range breaks that association. The Galaxies collection includes sulfur colors like grey, maroon and earthy, moving surprisingly away from general perception, yet staying impressively similar to that colour denim is associated with. Ironic, yet an absolute treat to watch!


  6. Crayo Blacks

Black is bold, it is beautiful, it is strong and it is classy to the deepest degree that one can fathom. But, black is certainly just not black, there’s a depth to it, there’s a variety with unexplainable cryptic beauty. The ‘Crayo Blacks’ collection celebrates black, and it’s variations. It is all about adorning black in different ways.

7. Uber Colors

Colors represent a celebration called life and also represent style as we know it. There’s no fashion without colors. And colors are not distinct from denim fabrics. Our Uber Colors collection celebrates the eloquence of quality fabrics homogenizing with an extensive palette of colors.


  8. Caramel Ecrus

A caramel Ecrus which can be explored with fashionable colors. Our Caramel Ecrus collection is a youthful attempt to bring the childlike charm to fashion. This collection can be explored in various products and in a massive variety of colors. Caramel Ecrus is crafted with the undeniable intent to preserve the element of innocence in fashion today, and in the time to come.