About Us

Vishal Fabrics Limited (VFL) is a denim manufacturing and fabric processing unit that was incorporated in 1985.

1. Quality First

Since 3 decades, VFL’s clear goal has been to deliver quality fabrics that effortlessly match global standards. We believe in innovation and technology, and we’re sure it will help us grow as one of India’s leading dyeing, printing, and processing units.

02. The Pioneer

A purposeful belief in bringing high-end technology has helped in setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our unit can produce over 100 million meters of processed fabrics every year. The company passionately follows the core belief of ‘delivering more than expected’. Values and innovation are at the heart of the organization, VFL has managed to emerge as a pioneer in the textile industry by producing wider width fabrics.

3. Breaking Barriers

Though the history of achievements at VFL has been rich, the company focuses just on today, for the needs of customers tomorrow. Following this philosophy, Vishal fabrics Limited has ventured into the Denim industry on a large scale. The purpose behind this is to produce the best quality denim in the world, so that it reaches everyone and breaks all the barriers.

VFL stands for a denim revolution, that brings equality back to fashion, and change the market trend, forever.

Vishal Fabrics Limited is a reputed entity that is known for dyeing, printing and processing of denim, and other wide range of fabrics.

The fabric composition consists of 100% cotton, cotton spandex, cotton-poly, cotton poly spandex, cotton modal, and cotton tencel. Along with that, Vishal Fabrics Limited is a premier supplier of top quality stretch denim fabric which is very popular among people of all ages.

To engineer this goal, VFL is tirelessly working towards an ecosystem where the stakeholders benefit and grow with the company. VFL intends to grow with all, and grow for all.

VFL unflinchingly intends to be Your Partner in Style!

01. Technical Prowess

The state of the art DSIPL Denim unit is equipped with 464 weaving looms, 11 warping units, 8 DR machines for dyeing, 3 singeing machines, 2 mercerising units, 1 stenter, 4 wet finishing machines, 14 inspection machines, Foam finish Machine with combination of dobby + cam ( Tsudakoma ) and 1 kiss roll finishing machine enabling the production of an extensive range of products that include shirting fabrics, dress materials and home furnishing fabrics, in both, narrow and wider widths.

2. Innovative Advancement

Vishal Fabrics Limited has set up the most advanced production facility by deploying state of the art machinery and smart manufacturing processes. It has the capacity of producing over 100 million meters of processed fabric every year, and to meet the increasing power demand, a 6MW captive power plant has also been installed. Major machines like the Continuous Bleaching Range (CBR) unit, Rotary Screen Printing Machine, Continuous and Loop Agers, Hydro Extractors, Sanforizing Machine, Liza Brushing Machine and the Sueding Machine help in various intricate processes throughout the production chain.

All white, disperse dyed and printed 100% polyester fabrics meet the human-ecological requirements. The company is currently focusing on marketing and sales of dyed fabric and denlm capacity of 80 mmpa plant at Dholi, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Vishal Fabrics Limited is all about quality, and customer delight. We're a reliable entity that meets expectations and builds trust. The logo is a presentation of a business, but we believe that we're more than just an enterprise. We stand for values and virtues. So, the logo had to be a simple representation of VFL's identity. The logo signifies the most important element of our business, the fabric roll. But it also displays simplicity and efficiency. These have been the most important aspects of the way we work. The logo gives the shades of our variety, it is a reflection of our commitment to denim and fabrics in general. The logo most represents VFL’s commitment towards making denim a 'round the clock' product. It portrays the same stature with a new identity and the same values with a renewed motivation.