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That’s the new mantra at VFL, it is a dream, we’d dare to say, a mission!

Who said that denim is just for youngsters, or for parties, or for road trips?
We agree that this is a general perception, but we see denim as nightwear, sportswear, leisurewear, traditional wear and what not!

For us, denim is a way to make a connection and to break all barriers. Regardless of age, gender or location, every person can adorn denim. A disagreement on this view is highly possible, but that’s exactly what VFL is committed to doing – to change the perception of denim and to change fashion as we know it, forever.

What motivates us, and keeps us there?
A history of uncompromising willingness to deliver premium quality, coupled with the desire to delight the customer, even more, that’s what sets our spirits on fire.

Our legacy is neither a reflection of the past nor have we earned a name for what we did yesterday. VFL is all about today. For every today, we have cultivated a ‘quality and customer first’ philosophy so that, tomorrow, denim breaks all the barriers of the fashion world.

We want to enhance the quality of lifestyle, by enhancing the quality of denim and then providing it to each and everyone, regardless of age, location or orientation. By pioneering wider width fabrics, we are fulfilling our promise to deliver more, at every stage of the value chain. We pledge to make denim a household name so common, that is it deeply recognized as a part of life by everyone.