Vishal Fabrics Limited is a flagship Company of Chiripal Group, Ahmedabad established in 1972 and it is a recognized leading process house with a capacity to produce 100 million meter processed fabric per annum. The Company is engaged in the business of dyeing, printing and processing of fabrics of its own and also on job work basis. The Company procures mainly Grey Fabric and dyes, prints and finishes the same as per the client’s requirements. The processing unit of our Company is based in Narol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The plant has the capacity to print, dye and process wide range of fabrics i.e. cotton, polyester, viscose and man-made & blended fabrics suitable for men’s wear, women’s wear, home furnishing and many other applications. Our Company is managed by a team of experienced personnel. The team comprises of personnel having operational and business development experience. Our Company’s mission is to provide processing solutions to existing as well as potential customers using state of the art technology and skilled man power. We are committed to customer satisfaction through excellence in quality coupled with bulk production and to retain our position as market leader through innovations and growth.